Wellcome to Buymotor

This is a company that stands by the honesty and how seriously makes their business, with a business partner that gives them stability and confidence to their implementation.

BUYMOTOR area of business are tubular motors for shutters, have all the solutions, from interior, exterior, mechanical, radio.
Counts with the prestige and referenced brand of tubular motors Jolly Motors.
Extended the offer to the motorization of gates, trailers, sliding gates, etc., and also counts in this area with a world-dominant group, the CAME Group.
The company is at this stage changing their target market outside Portugal, where it hopes to get clients supported by the high quality of the products presented.

Can find us in:

Rua da Igreja Nova 293, Pombal- Leiria

+351918665968 - Telf

+351918665968 - Fax





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